Welcome to Lexfluence’s blog, and our inaugural post!

Welcome to our blog.

I would like to introduce you to Lexfluence and the idea behind it.

For large companies and wealthy individuals, ‘big law’ provides high-quality services. For the indigent, there are many excellent public interest organizations that attract talented, dedicated lawyers.

But the rest of the market is fragmented—and often confusing for consumers.

Small law firms and small businesses struggle to find each other and small business don’t know how to evaluate the quality of potential lawyers or divine a fair price for services. The results are bad for everyone: small businesses defer seeking vital legal advice, often until problems are unavoidable and legal costs skyrocket.

Lexfluence is our answer to a fragmented and inefficient market. We are committed to making the legal marketplace more efficient and consolidated by serving a varied range of customers who are well-served by the market.

Lexfluence is a single platform for startups and SMEs which looks into all the legal and regulatory needs by providing an end to end customized legal assistance.

We help people in finding good lawyers and professionals for their business, who are carefully chosen and evaluated by Lexfluence. Lexfluence provides a high quality, original services in a cost-effective manner to customers across Delhi.

We house all your legal needs under one virtual roof, and we can connect you with experts to address any situation that arises.

Keep checking our blog for updates about Lexfluence, other interesting companies in the legal space inspirational lawyers, commentary on developments in the legal framework that governs companies such as ours and from time to time,

Just in case if you want to know what Lexfluence means- It stands for legal influence. We aim to make an impact legally!!

By Neha Gupta
February 27, 2015