Real Estate

The real estate market is always changing. Buyers and sellers of residential and commercial real estate need legal experts  that can negotiate the terms of agreement; draft and review the contract; review related paperwork (such as loan agreements); clear existing liens on a property; and attend the closing.

Businesses need lawyers who know the market, understand the complexity of issues as well as the law, and can give tailored advice that suits the business needs.

Lexfluence can help individuals, families and small business with all property-related legal issues. Our Real estate experts can assist property owners with addressing zoning/rezoning issues and appealing property tax assessment.

We can help landlords and tenants to  draft and review lease agreement, handle eviction proceedings and resolve landlord-tenant disputes.

Our network of experienced real estate lawyers can help in you in all types and stages of real estate transactions.

Lexfluence provides private and commercial real estate lawyers who are experts and are able to handle the legal aspects of any property transaction. 

Whether you are purchasing or selling property, refinancing your private or commercial property, planning to lease and/ or build your own home or wanting to extend an existing building, the right legal guidance and assistance is critical to offer you timely and expert contractual, commercial and conveyancing services as property disputes are one of the most financially draining problems a business can face in today’s market.

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