Statutory Compliance and legal norms are an integral part of businesses in India. It is essential for all business organisations to comply with various business laws.

However, understanding Practical concepts and legal implications can be a difficult task for any organisation. It also entails deep understanding of various laws and valuable work time, resources and continuous monitoring to avoid penalties for non-compliance.

We at Lexfluence understand this and with our deep knowledge along with proven expertise in the domain of regulatory compliance can help corporate in finding solutions to their legal problems. Our Compliance managers will help you in:

  1. Avoiding legal implications & penalties
  2. Access to regional and local expertise
  3. Centralized error free data & documents that is readily available
  4. Professional support during inspections / audits
  5. Assured ethical practices with strict timeline adherence
  6. Constant legal support

"We have dedicated  Compliance managers who  ensure timely filling and effective law management "

Services offered by Lexfluence as part of Statutory Filings and Compliance include:

> Filling of annual returns with the Registrar
> Maintenance of Statutory Books and Registers
> Holding Meeting and drafting and maintenance of minutes,
> Drafting of reports of board of directors.
> Appointment of Auditors
> Drafting & filing directors' interests in other entities
> Attending to Tax Department queries/notices & handling of assessment/audit

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